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Welcome to the Spirent Developer Community! You’ll find a wide variety of useful assets for your Velocity deployments and iTest automation projects. This repository is specific to Velocity. The iTest repository is located here. All Spirent Developer Community assets are available for your immediate download and use.

Velocity Logo          Velocity is the leading Lab as a Service automation solution. It is deployed in well over 100 sites worldwide for speeding time to market, controlling CapEx spend, increasing operating efficiencies, and reducing power consumption. This portion of the Developer Community contains a selection of Velocity automation assets. They will help you to gain the most value from your Velocity LaaS deployment. Included are reusable drivers (in particular for L1 and L2 switches), startup and teardown tasks, triggered automation tasks, and sample scripts. These resources will help with automating your lab, enforcing policy, and communications. Both iTest and Python authored automation assets are provided.

All assets are categorized into three levels of maturity/testing:

You are encouraged to submit your projects back to the Spirent Developer Community for others to benefit from.

Each project within this repository conforms to a standard naming convention. Project names are pre-pended with two letters. The first letter indicates the type of content in the project. The second letter indicates the language in which the project was authored. For example, a project called rp_driver_cisco contains a driver written in Python. The tables below list the prefix values:

First Letter Project Content Description
r Drivers Velocity drivers
t Tasks Velocity startup, teardown, and triggered automation tasks
k Dashboards Velocity dashboards
d Libraries Response maps and QuickCalls
a Automation Test cases
u Utilities Tools and utilities
Second Letter Language Description
i iTest All content in project is iTest content
p Python All content in project is Python content
b Bash All content in project is Bash content
s Scripts Project content is written in another language or a combination of iTest, Python, Bash